35% ABV Flying Hirsch amaro bitter liqueur is a blend of over 48 herbs, roots, fruits and spices like: Roman wormwood, Rhubarb, Infusion of Sweet and Bitter Orange peel, Chiretta, Liquorice, Cloves, Thyme, Juniper and other spices. Flying Hirsch, the flying stag, is the animal depicted on the label: icon of the forests of central and northern Italy, symbol of antiquity, as ancient as the traditional herbs used for the liqueur with a lingering bitter flavour. To make the liqueur, the ingredients are all infused and steep for over a month.

They are then processed and filtered to preserve the natural aroma of each individual ingredient. To conclude the process, the liqueur is aged in special wooden casks that enhance and balance the flavour.


70 cl

Bottle in the Package


Alcohol content

35% vol.